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Protecting waterfowl and their habitats through research, education and conservation action




Livingston Ripley
Waterfowl Conservancy

Protecting waterfowl and their habitats through research, education and conservation action


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The 2017 Silent Auction is now CLOSED!
Thank you for everyone that supported the Conservancy by placing bids here and in person at the 2017 Annual Benefit! Winning bidders have been contacted directly.

You can now place your early-bird bids on the unique items and exciting experiences available for the
2017 Annual Benefit Silent Auction. So start bidding today!

• If you are outbid during the online portion of the auction, you will receive an email.
• Online bidding will close on Saturday, June 17th at 12:00pm
• The Silent Auction will continue in person during the 2017 Annual Benefit held at LRWC on June 17th.
• If you are not attending the 2017 Annual Benefit on June 17th, you may be outbid by attendees of the event. 

Let the bidding begin and good luck!

2017 Items 
Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Proceeds from the Silent Auction
will support the Conservancy's Environmental Education Programs and further our mission of protecting waterfowl and wetland habitats through research, education, and conservation action. Thank you to everyone who donated items for the 2017 Annual Benefit Silent Auction!


 Exclusive to LRWC

Extended Falconry Experience

LRWC Deluxe Egg Basket

Duck School - Intern for a Day


   Handcrafted Treasures

Purple Martin Birdhouse

Hand-carved Cardinal

Hand-carved Cherry Burl Bowl

Rustic Garden Bench 



Sullivan Farm Syruping Day

A Taste of Maywood Farms

Dinner at Troutbeck


Secret Gardens

Tour of Hollister House Garden
Ginsburg Garden and
Historical Documents Tour

Dinner and Ripley Garden Tour



Behind-the-scenes Tour of
the Cullman Library

Two Tickets for KentPresents 2017 

Customized Trip to Madagascar

 Avian Art

Rails of the World by
S. Dillon Ripley

Saverio Manetti Guineafowl Print

  Pledge a Donation  
To Environmental Education



Exclusive Falconry Experience 

You and your guests will be treated to the ultimate falconry experience with LRWC aviculturist Nick Tiberio  and ALL of our birds of prey.

During this exclusive Falconry Experience, Nick will introduce participants to the history and traditions of falconry, equipment and training, as well as raptor behavior and conservation. You will enjoy a Hawk Walk (a walk in the woods with LRWC's Harris's Hawk flying back and forth from your gloved hand to the trees!), have the chance to have one of our owls land on your gloved hand, and more!

You will also have the opportunity to meet all of our birds of prey up close and personal and be photographed with a raptor on your glove or on her perch. You will receive a copy of the photo (as well as a couple other surprises!) as souvenirs of this exclusive experience.

This experience will take place at the Conservancy for 2 guests. Children must be 12 years or older.

To be arranged on a mutually agreeable date.

Minimum Bid: $400
Bid Increments: $100

Click here to bid on the Exclusive Falconry Experience

LRWC Deluxe Egg Basket 

It's back! The annual LRWC egg basket features a
one-of-a-kind egg collection of all shapes and colors.

These infertile eggs were produced by birds at the Conservancy and beyond and include Himalayan Monal eggs, Silver Teal eggs, and more!

Each egg has been emptied and is labeled by species.



Minimum Bid: $250
Bid Increments: $50

Click here to bid on the
LRWC Egg Basket

Duck School - Intern for a Day 

Learn what it takes to be an LRWC Aviculturist!

Win this item and you will have the chance to spend a day behind the scenes with LRWC's ducks and Avicultural staff. 

You will learn the ins and outs
of being an Aviculturist and
participate in the daily care of our flock. Participants will leave with the inside scoop on our birds--their diets, vet care, habitats, breeding, and more!--, an opportunity you won't want
to miss!  

For up to two people, ages 10 to 100! Mutually agreeable date.

Minimum Bid: $400
Bid Increments: $100

Click here to bid on the chance to
Intern for a Day

Purple Martin Birdhouse 

This birdhouse will bring beauty, birds, and enjoyment to any yard!


Putting up a Purple Martin house is like installing a miniature neighborhood in your backyard. Dark, glossy-blue males and brown females will peer from the entrances and chirp from the rooftops all summer. Our largest swallows, Purple Martins perform aerial acrobatics to snap up flying insects.



Enjoy this artfully designed Purple Martin birdhouse, modeled on a Victorian original, with custom cupola and copper weather vane handcrafted by Litchfield native and artisan Bill Nicholson. 

Minimum Bid: $300
Bid Increments: $50

Click here to bid on the Purple Martin Birdhouse

Hand-carved Northern Cardinal
by Peter Litwin 

Enjoy this beautiful Cardinal carved by Litchfield native Peter Litwin. After a 40 year career as a lawyer, Peter currently owns his family's Arbutus Farm in Litchfield and has become a skilled woodcarver in his retirement.

The male Northern Cardinal is perhaps responsible for getting more people to open up a field guide than any other bird. They’re a perfect combination of familiarity, conspicuousness, and style: a shade of red you can’t take your eyes off. Cardinals don’t migrate and they don’t molt into a dull plumage, so they’re still breathtaking in winter’s snowy backyards. In summer, their whistles are one of the first sounds of the morning.

 Current Bid: $150
Bid Increments: $50

Click here to bid on the Hand-carved Cardinal

Hand-carved Cherry Burl Bowl
by Peter Litwin 

Another beautiful creation of Peter Litwin, this bowl was turned in the 19th century style from a Cherry tree burl.

A burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in an abnormal, twisted manner, typically to protect the tree from injury or disease. It is commonly found in the form of a rounded outgrowth on a tree trunk or branch that is filled with small knots from dormant buds. Burls yield a very peculiar and highly figured wood, prized for its beauty and rarity.

This bowl was crafted by Peter from Cherry Burl wood from a local Litchfield tree.

This beautiful bowl is food safe and should never be submerged in water (wipe with wet cloth to clean). 
Diameter: 11". Height: 2.5"

Current Bid: $500

Bid Increments: $25

Click here to bid on the Hand-carved Cardinal

Rustic Garden Bench
the Branch Manager

Christopher Hawver has been designing and building beautiful, unique garden furniture and structures for over 20 years. Each piece is constructed by hand using locally-harvested, natural, and durable materials that stand the test of time.

One of the Branch Manager’s oldest and most popular designs, these garden benches are made of hardwood slabs and other natural materials and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Each is completely unique and made by hand and built to last.

This unique bench’s top is of Cherry and the legs are Cedar and Mountain Laurel.



Current Bid: $350
Bid Increments: $50

Click here to bid on the Garden Bench

A Day of Maple Syruping at Sullivan Farm

Experience Sullivan Farm while enjoying a day of
Maple Syruping!

Sullivan Farm is a vocational and educational agricultural center operated by the New Milford Youth Agency with the mission of providing marketable skills to local youth through hands-on involvement in 21st century farming. Sullivan Farm also provides opportunities for school children to reconnect with New England’s rich agricultural heritage and learn about the benefits of healthy, fresh, and locally grown produce.

Sullivan Farm’s maple sugaring operation is one of the largest in the area. Using many of the old fashion methods for collecting and producing maple syrup, dozens of students assist each year in the collection, processing, packaging, and sale of some of New England’s best maple products.

And now you can get in on the fun too!

On a day in February you will: Tour Sullivan Farm’s Great Brook Sugar House · Join the syruping crew for a trip out into the sugar bushes to collect sap · Assist in processing the sap into syrup! · and Travel to the Maxx, the Youth Agency’s Culinary Headquarters, for a luncheon of pancakes, waffles, bacon, juice, coffee, and, of course, syrup.


This fun-packed day ends with each participant receiving a pint of freshly made maple syrup!
For up to four people.

Date (in February) to be mutually agreed.

Minimum Bid: $450
Bid Increments: $25

Click here to bid on the Sullivan Farm Syruping Day

A Taste of Maywood Farms 

Maywood is a private estate located in southwest Litchfield County, Connecticut. Classic architecture, traditional gardens, naturalized gardens, and woodland trails grace the property and its panoramic view of the Berkshire foothills.

Various production gardens are also integrated into the forty-acre landscape, providing fresh cut flowers, vegetables, field crops and more.

In addition to maintaining its extensive manicured grounds, Maywood prioritizes good stewardship of the land and its agricultural purposes. Environmentally sound practices to encourage wildlife and compliment the pictorial setting include IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs, bee-keeping, berry producing plantings to attract birds of a variety of species, and a Bluebird trail.

Enjoy this delicious assortment of some of Maywood’s best products: honey from their bees, maple syrup from their woods, apple wine and peach jam from their orchards, thyme from their gardens, and white wine from their vineyard. 


             Minimum Bid: $75 
           Bid Increments: $25

Click here to bid on the assortment
of the Best of Maywood Farms

Dinner at Troutbeck 

Enjoy a delicious dinner in a beautiful setting.

Troutbeck, located in Amenia, NY, has served as an enchanting private estate, country Inn, and tavern since 1765. For centuries it has been a favored retreat of such influential figures as Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Burroughs, Ernest Hemingway, W. E. B. Du Bois, and President Theodore Roosevelt.

One of these gift certificates will entitle you to a locally sourced farm-to-table dinner for two OR four during the autumn 2017 season.

You will enjoy a complimentary pre-dinner cocktail in the bar and a complimentary bottle of wine to pair with Troutbeck’s seasonal menu.                 

Taxes and gratuity included.

Dinner for 2
Minimum Bid: $150
Bid Increments: $50 
Dinner for 4
Minimum Bid: $350
Bid Increments: $50
Click here to bid on the
Dinner for TWO at Troutbeck
Click here to bid on the
Dinner for FOUR at Troutbeck


Tour of Hollister House Garden 

Experience an insider's tour with Gerald Incandela of Hollister House Garden in Washington, Connecticut.

Beautifully situated on a sloping, terraced site in the rolling hills of Litchfield County in northwestern Connecticut, Hollister House Garden is an American interpretation of such classic English gardens as Sissinghurst, Great Dixter and Hidcote, formal in its structure but informal and rather wild in its style of planting.


Begun in 1979 by George Schoellkopf and Ron Johnson, the garden since that time has evolved under George’s direction into a unique synthesis of the formal and the natural, the right angles of paths, walls and hedges melting seamlessly into the lush surrounding landscape, which forms a magnificent backdrop to the garden’s exuberant plantings. Since 1993 Gerald Incandela has contributed greatly to the garden’s development with his artist’s eye trained on redefining the surrounding landscape.

The garden unfolds in successive layers of space and color with delightful informal vistas from one section to the next. Eight-to-ten-foot walls and hedges with dramatic changes in level define the progression of garden spaces – “rooms” as the English like to say – and create a firm architectural framework for the romantic abundance of the plantings. A winding brook and a large pond at the bottom of the lawn add to the variety of the garden scene.

This insider's tour is for up to ten people and includes refreshments.

Day and time to be mutually agreed.

Reserve your place for: $50 per person

Places reserved: 2
Places remaining: 8

Click here to reserve your place on the Tour of Hollister House Garden


Ginsburg Garden and Historical Documents Tour 

Don’t miss this chance to join Merle and Barry Ginsburg for lunch and a tour of their exceptional gardens and a viewing of their collection of American historical documents and folk art.

The history portion of the tour will center on the Ginsburg’s collection of American historical documents, including a letter from Thomas Jefferson to Napoleon. Guests will also have the chance to view political memorabilia and political folk art, including an early 19th Century Tavern Sign with an image of George Washington.

The Ginsburg’s gardens have been featured in gardening magazines, books, and articles, and shown on garden tours. Their gardens include wonderful long views surrounded by woods and open fields. They have framed these beautiful view corridors with lush, long perennial borders and specimen trees.

Merle and Barry enjoy sharing their gardens, landscape, and historical documents collection with others and invite up to six people to join them in Roxbury, CT for lunch and the tour.

Mutually agreeable date anytime during the summer
(late June/July are the garden's best months).

 Reserve your place for:
$150 per person 

Click here to reserve your place on the Tour the
Ginsburg's Gardens and Historical Documents


Ripley Garden Tour and Dinner 

Join Rosemary Ripley and Peter Grubstein for a Farm-to-Table meal with local meats and fresh vegetables harvested from the Ripley farm.

Complementing the dinner will be a tour of their gardens which were designed in the 1960’s. The gardens include perennial beds edged with boxwood around a vintage brick terrace punctuated with dinosaur fossils as well as exotic trees, a rock garden and water features.

Mutually agreeable day and time in July. For up to 10 people.

Reserve your place for: $125 per person

Click here to reserve your place for the Ripley Garden Tour and Dinner


Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Cullman Library 

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to view beautiful and iconic works in the fields of ornithology and horticulture behind the scenes at the Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History, a branch library of the Smithsonian Libraries.

The specialized branch libraries and librarians of the Smithsonian Libraries are at the center of research across the Smithsonian. The collections and staff of the Libraries play a key role in helping the Smithsonian’s research and curatorial staff make sense of the museums’ almost innumerable, often unique, objects and their cultural and historical contexts. The Smithsonian Libraries are a hidden national treasure: individually each of these libraries is among the world’s greatest repositories of knowledge for the specialized fields they support. Collectively they are among America’s greatest scientific and cultural treasures. Cullman Library is one of 21 specialized research libraries located in Washington, DC.


The Cullman Library holds the Smithsonian's world-class collection of approximately 10,000 rare books published before 1840 in anthropology and the natural sciences. This behind-the-scenes tour will focus on ornithological and horticultural works. Books displayed for this tour will include works by Audubon, Darwin, and S. Dillon Ripley!

Date (likely in Fall 2017) to be
mutually agreed.


Reserve your place for: $125 per person

Click here to reserve your place on
 the Tour of the Cullman Library


Two Tickets to KentPresents 

Accomplished presenters, challenging topics, and stimulating sessions—at KentPresents Ideas Festival you will have three days of intellectual and cultural stimulation as you meet and mingle with scores of top leaders in dozens of fields.

DATES: Kent Presents 2017 takes place Thursday, July 27, through Saturday, July 29 at Kent School, the highly-regarded boarding school in scenic Kent, Connecticut.

• Thursday, July 27: Light lunch at 11:30am. Sessions from 12:45pm-5:45pm, followed by a cocktail reception on campus. Dinner arrangements to be announced.
• Friday, July 28: Sessions from 8:30am-5:30pm, followed by a cocktail reception and dinner arrangements to be announced.
• Saturday, July 29: Sessions from 8:30am-5:30pm, followed by a cocktail reception on campus.

Topics include Alzheimer's disease, art, China, economics, education, energy, environment, Europe, food, global issues, healthcare, incarceration, income inequality, literature, medicine, Middle East, national affairs, North Korea, performing arts, politics, racial divide, Russia, Supreme Court, science and technologies breakthroughs, tax policy … and many more!

The value of two tickets is $5,000

Minimum Bid: $2,500
Bid Increments: $500

Click here to bid on the Two Tickets for KentPresents 2017


Guided Trip to Madagascar 

Often described as the “8th Continent,” Madagascar is famous for some of the rarest and most unique birds and animals, such as lemurs, found nowhere else in the world.

Join noted ornithologist Robert S. Ridgely for
an 11 day trip (with a possible 5 day extension)
to Madagascar, customized for LRWC.

Dr. Ridgely, a co-author of three major books on neotropical birds including The Birds of South America, has guided trips all over the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to join him and Ken Behrens, a noted birder, naturalist and photographer who lives in Madagascar and works as a guide for the tour operator Tropical Birding, on this trip of a lifetime.

This tour will take us to some of Madagascar’s most magical spots with fantastic diversity of mammals, birds, and other creatures.

The trip is planned for August or September, 2018 on dates that are mutually agreeable.

The trip can accommodate up to
10 people and requires a donation to LRWC of $2000 per guest. Costs of the trip are not included in this auction item; the donation simply reserves your place on this once-in-a-lifetime, customized-for-LRWC tour with amazing guides, Dr. Ridgely and Ken Behrens.

Costs for the trip, not including transatlantic airfare, are estimated for a tour group of 10 people to be $5,000 per person for 11 days or $10,200 per person for 15 days (all final costs will depend on the number of people, the number of days, and the current exchange rate).

Click here to reserve your place for: $2,000

 Rails of the World by S. Dillon Ripley
A hardcopy of the extensive work by Dr. Ripley on the avian family Rails
featuring illustrations by J. Fenwick Lansdowne, one of America's finest bird portraitists.

Pairing S. Dillon Ripley's quarter century of study with over 70 color and black and white illustrations by J. Fenwick Lansdowne, this book marks a memorable ornithological publishing event. Both the book's subject matter and its manner of production - lavishly illustrated, printed on special paper with relentless attention to every detail - represent worthy objects of celebration and preservation.

This is one of the remaining copies from S. Dillon Ripley’s collection.

Current Bid: $300
Bid Increments: $100

Click here to bid on Rails of the World


Saverio Manetti Guineafowl Print 

The Meleagride diversa Gallina d'Egitto is a limited edition print reproduction of one of the 'Manetti Birds.'

Saverio [Francis Xavier] Manetti
(1723-1785) was a prominent Florentine physician, botanist, and ornithologist and a member of some of the leading scientific societies in 18th century Europe.

Originally published in 1776, this bird image is from his treatise on birds, Ornithologia methodice digesta or Storia naturale degli uccelli (Natural History of Birds), a monumental work in five volumes illustrated with 600 hand-colored engravings based on watercolor paintings. 

 This print features a Guineafowl, a small landfowl endemic to Africa.



Current Bid: $150 
Bid Increments: $50

Click here to bid on the Guineafowl Print

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