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Protecting waterfowl and their habitats through research, education and conservation action




Livingston Ripley
Waterfowl Conservancy

Protecting waterfowl and their habitats through research, education and conservation action



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Distance Learning
Our birds can now be featured in any classroom around the world!

 Unable to make the trip to LRWC? Too far away for us to travel to you? No worries!
LRWC programs can now come to your classroom anywhere in the world through the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration!  

The CILC is a nonprofit devoted to promoting "web-based collaborative learning environments for lifelong learning" by providing "the access to [...] live interactive content and professional development." In other words, CILC is all about connecting classrooms of all ages with amazing content providers through interactive videoconferencing!

Take your class on an virtual field trip
Make science topics come alive for your students without ever leaving your school! These virtual field trips are a great way for classes who are restricted from coming to the Conservancy by distance, funds, or time to still get to experience a visit with our waterfowl family. One of the best things about a distance learning program with LRWC through CILC is that it's INTERACTIVE! Participants are able to see and hear our educator, so they can ask questions and get more out of the experience by engaging in a dialogue.

Our programs available through distance learning are listed on the CILC website and include Duckling Development, Ducks in Danger, What fits the Bill: Take a Dabble into Duck Diets, and Winging it with Waterfowl: Understanding Feathers and Flight. All programs include an introduction to Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy and our mission. Students will meet several of our avian ambassadors throughout each program and, through the use of photos, videos, and a tour around our aviaries with a mobile video camera, will be introduced to more members of LRWC's flock.

2015-2016 Pinnacle Award Recipient
"The Pinnacle Award is given annually, by the CILC, to organizations that receive outstanding scores on program evaluations submitted by educators and other end users. Receiving the award indicates remarkable quality of educational content and exceptional skill at program delivery."
LRWC is a 2015-2016 Pinnacle Award Recipient and is even quoted in CILC's press release about this year's awards. Check it out here!


Featured Programs

         Avian Ambassadors and Adaptations                         Wetland Health Inspector                                       Birds of a Feather       


                        Birds on the Brink                                   Duckling Development (*seasonal)


Custom Programs
Do you have a topic you want to cover with a program from LRWC, but it doesn't fall under any of our Featured Programs? Are you teaching a specialty class such as Embryology or Animal Behavior?  No Problem! LRWC works with teachers to tailor our programs to your classroom's needs.

Specially designed programs in 2016 have included:
Avian Embryology  
Animal Behavior--Ethograms
High School Art/Photography Class

If you have an idea for a program or are simply interested in brainstorming a way to fit a LRWC program into your curriculum, please contact our Manager of Education, Colleen Peters! Email: 


Field Trip? Come visit our birds! Can't get away? Have our birds come visit your classroom! Programs are available throughout the year, both onsite at the Conservancy and offsite at your location.

If you come to us:
Programs are 90 minutes in length*
Programs include a tour of the Conservancy in addition/complementary to the program content
Bus parking and restrooms are available

If we come to you:
Programs are 60 minutes in length*
Some of our feathered friends will tag along so your class can meet our flock's true Ambassadors up close! 

  Programs are aligned with National/Common Core Science Standards.

  Programs are available for all age groups, from kindergarten to retirement communities to everyone in between!

  Program fees are a minimum of $100 (onsite) or $200 (offsite), with the total cost dependent on the number of
   students (if onsite--typically $7-$9 per program participant) or the mileage traveled (if offsite) as well as utilized
   program supplies. Please contact our Director of Education directly for a specific quote.

             *Program lengths can be modified but may affect the program fee.




Coming soon!

Thank You Cards from Students

LRWC often receives thank you cards from students whose classes visit the Conservancy for one of our Environmental Education programs. They are so much fun that we wanted to share them!


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